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Operations Research and Management Science (ORMS) form an interdisciplinary branch of applied mathematics, economics, engineering and the sciences. ORMS professionals develop and use scientific principles, strategies, and methods to improve an organization's ability to implement high-quality operational and management decisions.

Within this broad context, Pintér Consulting Services, Inc. (PCS) provides advanced optimization software products and related services to its worldwide clientele. PCS has been founded by János D. Pintér in Canada, 1994. PCS works with leading edge developer partners, including both PhD level individual experts and sizeable companies.

Our primary expertise is related to nonlinear systems analysis and optimization. This specifically includes the development of algorithms and software for continuous global and local optimization, with extensions towards handling also a mixture of continuous and integer decision variables.

Optimization software products developed by PCS and its partners are used around the world at many hundreds of academic, business, consulting, government, and research organizations. These products assist our clients to analyze and to solve a significant range of decision problems arising in engineering, economics, finance, and the sciences.

In cooperation with our developer partners, we also offer more general model development and optimization services in the broad area of ORMS.

For technical details and further information related to J. D. Pintér's work (with co-authors as appropriate), please check out the following links:

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  • Descriptive and prescriptive (management, optimization) systems model development and implementation

  • Optimization algorithm and software development, including on-demand customization

  • Lectures, workshops, intensive courses, and complete university courses

  • Software Products

    Our flagship product, the Lipschitz Global Optimizer (LGO) suite of optimization algorithms can handle in principle "all" models defined by merely continuous or Lipschitz(-continuous) functions. The optimization model to solve can be handed over to LGO as "black box", without the need for explicitly given model functions. This key feature makes LGO - and our directly related software implementations listed below - applicable in a large variety of contexts.

    In addition to standard nonlinear optimization with explicitly defined model component functions, LGO applications include optimization combined with complex numerical models, deterministic or stochastic simulation, experimental design, and closed (proprietary) models developed by our clients.

    Product implementations for a range of platforms are developed and maintained in cooperation with our world-class partners. The currently available software implementations - offered for compiler platforms, optimization modeling environments, and integrated scientific-technical computing systems - are listed below. You can also download a Summary of PCS Products and Services.

  • LGO solver suite for global and local optimization, for use with C/C++/Fortran (and other) compiler platforms available from PCS

  • LGO for AIMMS users is available from Paragon Decision Technology

  • LGO for AMPL users is available from PCS

  • LGO for Excel users is available from PCS

  • LGO for GAMS users is available from the GAMS Development Corporation

  • LGO for MPL users is available from Maximal Software

  • LGO for Maple users is available from PCS

  • LGO for MATLAB users is available from PCS

  • LGO for the TOMLAB platform (for MATLAB users) is available from TOMLAB Optimization

  • MathOptimizer Professional (LGO with a direct link to Mathematica) is available from PCS and also from Wolfram Research

  • MathOptimizer (our native global-local optimization solver suite for Mathematica users) is available from PCS and also from Wolfram Research

  • Free LGO demo software versions (which can handle small-size illustrative models) are available for education, and for evaluation purposes. Please contact us for demo software. Our developer partners also offer evaluation software versions, including the LGO solver engine option.

  • LGO for MPL in a size-limited demo version accompanies the classic textbook Introduction to Operations Research, by Hillier and Lieberman, 8th Edition, McGraw-Hill, New York, 2005. (The same could apply also to more recent editions of this book.)

    Please contact us for technical information. We will be glad to assist you in selecting the most suitable software implementation for your model development, analysis and optimization needs.

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