Dr. János D. Pintér

Research Interests, Expertise, Professional Affiliations, Book and Software Reviews

Research Interests

  • Quantitative Systems and Decision Analysis

  • Decision Support Tools and Techniques: Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization

  • Advanced Algorithm and Software Development

  • Optimization Applications in Engineering, Economics, Finances and the Sciences

Professional Expertise

  • Academic Degrees

    M.Sc. [summa cum laude] --- Applied Mathematics / Operations Research, University of Sciences (ELTE), Budapest, 1973

    Ph.D. --- Stochastic Modeling and Optimization, Moscow State (Lomonosow) University, 1982

    D.Sc. --- Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2000

  • Work Experience

    Systems Analysis and Modeling

    Exact and Heuristic Optimization Strategies

    Algorithm and Software Development, Implementation, and Customization

    Advanced Modeling and Optimization Software Applications

    Presentations, Workshops, Tutorials, and Semester-long Courses

    Participation in Engineering / Economics / Scientific Projects

    Extensive Interdisciplinary Teamwork and Lecturing Experience in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and the Pacific Region

Publications, Lectures, and Software Products

A Selection of Professional Affiliations and Activities (Past and Present)

  • Algorithmic Operations Research --- Editorial Board Member

  • Bilkent University --- Visiting Associate Professor

  • Canadian Operational Research Society --- Member

  • Dalhousie University --- Associate Professor / Adjunct Professor / Research Associate (at different times)

  • Frontline Systems --- Developer Partner

  • GAMS Development Corporation --- Developer Partner

  • GAMS Global World --- Editorial Board Member

  • GAMS Performance World --- Editorial Board Member

  • EUROPT, The Continuous Optimization Working Group of EURO --- Member / Chair

  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Operations Research Committee --- Member

  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences, D.Sc. Corporate Board --- Member

  • Hungarian Operations Research Society --- Member / Institutional Sponsor

  • Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) --- Member

  • INFORMS Computing Society --- Member / Winner of the 2000 ICS Prize for Research Excellence

  • INFORMS Optimization Section --- Member / Vice-Chair

  • International Journal of Modeling, Identification, and Control --- Editorial Board Member

  • Journal of Applied Mathematics & Decision Sciences --- Editorial Board Member

  • Journal of Global Optimization --- Editorial Board Member

  • Lahey Computer Systems --- Developer Partner

  • Maplesoft --- Developer Partner

  • Maximal Software --- Developer Partner

  • Mathematical Programming Society --- Member

  • Ozyegin University --- Visiting Professor / Adjunct Professor

  • Paragon Decision Technologies --- Developer Partner

  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics --- Member

    SpringerBriefs in Optimization --- Book Series Editor

  • University of Ballarat --- Research Fellow

  • Various Professional Journals (several dozens) --- Author / Referee / Book Reviewer

  • Various Publishers (CRC, Kluwer, Elsevier, Lionheart, Maplesoft, Springer, Wiley) --- Author / Technical Editor / Referee

  • Wolfram Research --- Developer Partner

A Selection of Book and Software Reviews Related to my Research Work

  • Global Optimization in Action - Book review by Helmuth Ratschek, Optima, 1996

  • Global Optimization in Action - Book review by Leonidas Pitsoulis, Optimization Methods and Software, 1997

  • Global Optimization in Action - Book review by Fabio Schoen, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 1997

  • Global Optimization in Action - Book review by Arnold Neumaier, Journal of Global Optimization, 1998

  • LGO - Versatile tool for global optimization - Software review by Harold P. Benson and Erjiang Sun, ORMS Today, 2000

  • Computational Global Optimization in Nonlinear Systems - Book review by Tibor Csendes, Optimization Methods and Software, 2001

  • MathOptimizer and MathOptimizer Professional - Software review by Brian Cogan; Scientific Computing World, 2003

  • Global Optimization Toolbox for Maple - Software review by Ignacio Castillo; ORMS Today, 2005

  • Global Optimization with Maple - Software review by John A. Wass; Scientific Computing, 2006

  • Global Optimization Toolbox for Maple - Software review by Didier Henrion; IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 2006

  • Global Optimization Toolbox for Maple and Global Optimization with Maple - Software and book review by Larry Deschaine; International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control, 2006

  • Global Optimization: Scientific and Engineering Case Studies - Book review by Ralph Baker Kearfott; Journal of Global Optimization, 2007

  • Review of the electronic book Global Optimization with Maple - Book review by Wilhelm Forst; Algorithmic Operations Research, 2007

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