Selected Professional Links

Adamsson Consulting

AIMMS Modeling Environment, by Paragon Decision Technology

AIMMS/LGO Solver Engine

Algorithmic Operations Research

AMPL Modeling Environment, by AMPL LLC

Applied Nonlinear Optimization in Modeling Environments
A forthcoming monograph

Canadian Operational Research Society

Computational Global Optimization in Nonlinear Systems - A tutorial book
An updated LGO software demo is available from the author upon request

Continuous Global Optimization Software: A Brief Review

Continuous Global Optimization: An Introduction to Models, Solution Approaches, Tests and Applications

Decision Tree for Optimization Software, maintained by Hans Mittelmann
(Earlier maintained in cooperation with Peter Spellucci)

Department of Computer Science, University of Pannonia (aka University of Veszprém), Hungary

E-Optimization Website

GAMS Modeling Environment, by the GAMS Development Corporation

GAMS/LGO Global Solver Engine: Summary Description and User Guide

GAMS Global World, a web forum maintained by the GAMS Development Corporation

GAMS Performance World, a web forum maintained by the GAMS Development Corporation)

Global Optimization webpage, maintained by Arnold Neumaier

Global Optimization in Action
A research monograph (2000 INFORMS Computing Society Prize)

Global Optimization with Maple
An electronic book; see also the posted book review by Wilhelm Forst

Global Optimization: Related Links, maintained by Gennady Ryzhikov

Global Optimization: Scientific and Engineering Case Studies
An edited volume

Global Optimization Related Research and Events; and
Hungarian Operations Research Information and Events, maintained by Tibor Csendes

Global Optimization Survey, maintained by William Hart

Hungarian Operational Research Society

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences

International Federation of Operational Research Societies

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control

Journal of Applied Mathematics & Decision Sciences

Journal of Global Optimization

Lahey Computer Systems

LINDO and LINGO Modeling Environments, by LINDO Systems

LGO Global Solver Engine for Microsoft Excel

LGO Software Review; ORMS Today, Oct 2000

Linear & Nonlinear Optimization: FAQs, maintained by Robert Fourer

Maplesoft, the Developers of Maple

Maple Global Optimization Toolbox
See also the related product reviews, demo applications and other topical information

Mathematical Programming Glossary, founded by Harvey Greenberg
Now maintained by the INFORMS Computing Society

Mathematical Programming Glossary Supplement: Global Optimization

Mathematical Programming Society

MathFinance Newsletter

MathOptimizer for Mathematica

MathOptimizer Professional with LGO Solver Link for Mathematica

MathOptimizer and MathOptimizer Professional Software Review in Scientific Computing World, Jul/Aug 2003

MathWorks, the Developers of MATLAB

MathWorld, maintained by Eric Weisstein

MathWorld entry on Global Optimization

MPL Modeling Environment, by Maximal Software
Includes as a solver option the MPL/LGO Solver Engine

Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications
A former Kluwer Academic Publishers, now Springer Science book series

Optimization Online, a repository of e-prints about optimization and related topics

OR Tutor Project, maintained by Moshe Sneidovich

Pacific Optimization Research Activity Group

Panos Pardalos' homepage, with pointers to books and professional activities

Premium Solver Platform for Excel, by Frontline Systems

Rowe Consulting

School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences, University of Ballarat

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Tamás Terlaky's homepage, with further professional links

TOMLAB Optimization Environment for MATLAB

TOMLAB /LGO Solver Engine

Wolfram Research, the Developers of Mathematica

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